Clean Water Champion: David Green


David, doing what he does best – monitoring clean water!

Building off our FEATURE STORY this month on Rochester’s Wastewater Treatment Plant achievements we’re so happy to feature David Green, chief plant operator. It’s been under David’s strong leadership along with his fantastic staff that Rochester has been able to achieve the advancements they have. David has worked for the City of Rochester in their Public Works department for 28 years and was born and raised in Rochester. He has an infectious pride for his career, hometown and the beauty of this region of New Hampshire. In 2014 David was honored by the US EPA Region 1 with the 2013 Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Excellence Award. David and his wife Angela have been married 31 wonderful years and they have two sons – Christopher and Timothy and his wife Elizabeth. David is also a proud grandpa to two beautiful granddaughters; Olivia and Macy. David’s commitment to his profession and his ingenuity in resource use and taxpayer savings makes him an incredible example of what it means to be a clean water champion. Thank you David!

PREP: How long have you been a champion for clean water?
David: I have always had an interest in the environment and for the last 30 years I have been working at the Rochester Wastewater Treatment Facility.  It’s wonderful when you find a profession that you truly love – it’s a great feeling to like what you do, who you did it with and who you do it for!

PREP: How’d you get started in protecting clean water/shorelands/coasts?
David: Timing is everything while I was in college the City of Rochester was in the construction phases of building their Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities. Thought I would give operations a try and boy am I glad I did.

PREP: What’s your favorite thing to do with or on water?
David: Whenever I get a chance to do boating I jump on that opportunity.  I also love to spend time at the beach both lake and ocean.

PREP: What’s been your proudest moment as a clean water/climate/environmental Champion?
David: This profession is extremely challenging and rewarding.  Wastewater professionals are the frontline foot soldiers in protecting the environment and I am proud to be part of this extremely dedicated and committed group of environmental stewards.  There are times that you wonder why you give so much of yourself to your work – then I take a walk through the Facility and see the dirty water flowing in and the clean water flowing out to the river – makes it all worth it!

PREP: What’s one simple thing you would tell somebody to do to protect the places around the Seacoast they love?
David: Give an operator a hug – only kidding!! Keep it simple and pay attention to your choices.  From what you put down the drain, to the fertilizer (or no fertilizer) that you apply on the lawn, to maintaining your septic system, to simple garbage in garbage out rules, they all add up. Be courteous to others and the environment. Cheers to all!!

PREP is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Estuary Program, a joint program between local, state and federal agencies established under the Clean Water Act with the goal of protecting and enhancing nationally significant estuarine resources. PREP is supported in part by an EPA matching grant and is housed within the School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering at the University of New Hampshire.