Clean Water Champion: Ted Hartmann

As our continuing coverage of the Great Bay Clean Up we’re thrilled to feature Ted Hartmann, founding member of the fantastic Great Bay Gunners, a social hunting and outdoors club, who helped to clean 1,500 pounds of trash off Great Bay’s shores! Ted’s pride for his home shores and for protecting his fun is incredibly inspiring, he is a true steward in the purest sense of the word. Ted is a native of Greenland, NH and an avid outsoorsman. He is a passionate supporter of Ducks Unlimited. Throughout the year he enjoys taking advantage of all the Piscataqua region has to offer, on and off the water. Contact Ted for more information on Great Bay Gunners on the GBG Facebook Page.

Ted enjoying time at the helm! 

PREP: How long have you been a champion for clean water?
Ted: Throughout the last ten years my interest in preserving the resources around the area has grown along with my desire to use them.

PREP: How’d you get started in protecting clean water/shorelands/coasts?
Ted: Growing up with the shores of the (Great) bay in my backyard I always enjoyed walking the marsh and picking up ‘treasures’ along the way. I now realize these were my first clean ups!

PREP: What’s your favorite thing to do with or on water?
Ted: The majority of my free time is spent hunting and kayaking the less traveled corners of Great Bay. Some of the best memories I make each year are are out on the water.

PREP: What’s been your proudest moment as a clean water/climate/environmental Champion?
Ted: I get to relive my proudest moment many times every year. Most fall mornings during duck season I am out on the bay before dawn. In one split second the first sliver of light comes over the horizon and begins to wake up the bay. As the sun hits the emerald water it’s like an alarm clock going off. The ducks and geese all know. They start to chatter and fly before heading out for the day. It’s an awesome sight that makes me realize our efforts to preserve the bay are worthwhile.

PREP: What’s one simple thing you would tell somebody to do to protect the places around the Seacoast they love?
We each have an impact on the environment. The size and effect of that impact is up to us. It all adds up, we all just need to give a little of ourselves. It’s worth it.

Ted holding a treasure found during the Great Bay Clean Up Event in September. 

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