February 2015: Watershed Watch;

Peoples' Choice & 2nd Place Winner by Maren Bhagat of Dover, NH

King Tide Peoples’ Choice & 2nd Place Winner by Maren Bhagat of Dover, NH

EDITORIAL: Photos Help Raise Climate Change Awareness
by Maren Bhaget
This editorial appeared in the Portsmouth Herald December 11, 2014 and gives a first hand account of the recent King Tide Photo Contest held in October, 2014. Maren won 2nd place in the contest an shares what the experience taught her about a changing climate. The next contest is slated to be held on October 28, 2015.


REPORT: Sustaining Champions of Climate Adaptation in Coastal Communities: A Northern New England Study
by Alexandra Philip, Doyle Fellow, NH Sea Grant
As part of a fellowship with NH Sea Grant, Ms. Philip conducted 13 semi-structured interviews with champions from coastal communities ranging from northern Massachusetts to southern Maine. The primary objective of this study was to identify the role community climate adaptation champions play in adopting climate adaptation strategies in coastal communities and understand how professional climate adaptation assistance providers can best support these champions. READ THE REPORT HERE.

PREP is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Estuary Program, a joint program between local, state and federal agencies established under the Clean Water Act with the goal of protecting and enhancing nationally significant estuarine resources. PREP is supported in part by an EPA matching grant and is housed within the School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering at the University of New Hampshire.