June 2017: TAC Process Update

As part of PREP’s ongoing commitment to transparency, trust building, and strong science we will use this space in each newsletter to update you on our Technical Advisory Committee process. If you’d like to be on the mailing list for the TAC to be notified of meetings, etc. please email Kalle.Matso@unh.edu 

Technical Advisory Committee members discussing eelgrass stressors

Recent TAC Meetings
The recent Technical Advisory Committee meetings ,May 9th and 10th, focused on thinking broadly about stressors, such as warming waters, more frequent extreme storms, and nutrient inputs, and how these stressors impact each other and combine to change our estuaries. Notes from the meetings will be available next month. After the State of Our Estuaries Conference in December, we will look carefully at all the evaluations and decide how to improve the TAC process going forward.

Eelgrass Distribution & Report Available (2016)
The 2016 Eelgrass Distribution Map and Report is now available. The report indicates that the Great Bay Estuary saw an increase in eelgrass of almost 200 acres, with 170 acres reported in the Great Bay (proper). Portsmouth Harbor eelgrass covered increased by more than 20 acres.

Fall TAC Activities
We want to thank everyone who has been a part of the TAC meetings over the last year. PREP staff are busy working on incorporating data and discussions from the previous meetings into our drafts for the State of Our Estuaries report. PREP anticipates starting up the TAC activities again in September or October. Two items are already on the agenda:

  • Going over a review process for the “Data Report” document that supports the State of Our Estuaries Report.
  • Developing an Oyster Restoration Plan in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy

To explore more about the TAC process and to review materials, agendas, meeting summaries and more CLICK HERE

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