Past TAC Meeting Notes & Materials

PREP is planning on holding TAC meetings every six weeks between now and June, 2017. Each meeting will focus on one or more indicators that we are tracking to understand how our estuaries are doing. Announcements will be sent out via e-mail and will also be announced on the PREP website. Here will you find all past meeting materials, any questions please contact Kalle Matso at

MAY 9th & 10th, 2017  MEETING:

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MARCH 28th, 2017  MEETING:

The focus of the March Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting was draft data and main interpretation points on: nutrient load, nutrient concentrations, sediment concentrations, microalgae, and dissolved oxygen. Below you will find slides and notes from the meeting.

Slides and Notes from March 28th, 2017, TAC Meeting

Draft Agenda for March 28th TAC Meeting 



This meeting concerned itself with the indicators related to shellfish for the State of Our Estuaries Report. These indicators include but are not limited to: Shellfish Harvesting Opportunities; Abundance of Clams in Seabrook-Hampton Harbor; Abundance of Oysters in Great Bay Estuary, etc. Materials relating to the meeting include:

Slides and Notes from January 6th, 2017, TAC Meeting

Draft Agenda for January 6th TAC Meeting;

Intro to Social Indicators: Web Feature

2013 Oyster Mapping Report: Grizzle and Ward;

2016 Oyster Restoration Report;

Robert Eckert Thesis: Oyster Recruitment Studies



The October 28th, 2016 TAC meeting focused on eelgrass and macroalgae. Below, you’ll find notes from the meeting as well as all the primer material specific to eelgrass and macroalgae.

Notes from the 10-28-2016 TAC Meeting

2014 Eelgrass Distribution Report2015 Eelgrass Distribution Report

Eelgrass/Macroalgae Discussion Primer for TAC Activities 2016-2017

2011 Nettleton et al. Report on Macroalgae in the Great Bay

2014 Cianciola MS Thesis: Macroalgal Monitoring in the Great Bay Estuary



The September 29th, 2016 TAC meeting, focused on nitrogen loading, nutrient concentrations, dissolved oxygen and other water quality parameters.

Detailed Agenda for Sept. 29th meeting

Notes from the 9-29-2016 TAC Meeting

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