Get Involved

The need to keep our rivers, lakes, marshes and Great Bay healthy is something we can all agree on. As invaluable sources of recreation, commerce and inspiration these natural resources play a vital role in our daily lives whether we realize it or not. Much of the pollution that is threatening our estuaries and Great Bay comes from things we all do every day without even realizing it. The fertilizers we put on our lawns can run off into our streams when it rains. That mess our dog leaves behind at the beach can get washed into ocean. That dripping oil from our car can wash off into a storm drain and into our rivers. The power to make a difference lies in every one of us changing small behaviors so that all of us can continue to enjoy this fantastic place we call home.

So are you ready to make a small change and have a big difference in protecting our clean water?

Find out about every-day habits that make a big difference

There’s lots of other great ways to get involved with your hands, your effort, your vote or just your time! Here’s just a few:

Join your local watershed association

Take part in your local watershed association’s river clean-ups, stream water sampling, canoe and kayak tours and much more. Find your local watershed association here →

Watershed Kayak Tour

The Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance leads monthly kayak tours on the Salmon Falls River throughout the warmer months. Photo from AWWA

Participate in a Citizen Science Project

The Coastal Research Volunteers work together with research scientists in the field on a variety of exciting projects ranging from counting eels to measuring oysters to recording climate changes. Find out more about the Coastal Research Volunteers here →

Coastal Research Volunteers

Citizen Scientists monitor glass elver eel populations at the Durham Fish Ladder

Weigh in on your town’s decisions

Attend a Conservation Commission or Planning Board meeting in your town. It’s there that you can get an understanding for the kinds of projects and plans your town has for protecting its natural resources and also the kinds of pressures they face. Always be sure to vote in Town Meetings and elections for environmental protection and clean water, it’s at the local level where a lot of changes take place, be sure your voice is part of that process. Find out about your town here → 

Your Vote is Your Voice

Speak Up!

Tell your friends, neighbors and family about the places you love and why you love them. Tell them about the pressures facing our Seacoast’s waters and encourage them to join you in getting involved and changing small behaviors, learn from each other’s efforts and mistakes, share your lessons, your love of the Seacoast and your time. Together we all have the power to make the changes that the Great Bay and Hampton-Seabrook estuaries need, but it won’t happen if we all don’t do our part.


PREP is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Estuary Program, a joint program between local, state and federal agencies established under the Clean Water Act with the goal of protecting and enhancing nationally significant estuarine resources. PREP is supported in part by an EPA matching grant and is housed within the School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering at the University of New Hampshire.